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>>2014. 01. 11a Happy New Year!
All our best wishes for 2014, with the hope to see you in Guided Tours of
Tsukiji Fish Market.
We are going to revise the tour fares from 20th of January and offer you
more interesting tours.
>>2013. 12. 18Notification of Our Year-end and New -year Tour Operation and Business
This year we do our tours until 28th December, next year from 7th January.
Tsukiji Tour desk will be closed from noon 28th December to 5th January, but
open from 6th January. Please await our response after 6th January when you
apply or enquire in between.
Thank you for understanding.
>>2013. 11. 01Autumn Special Tour
On November 1, we start to receive applications for our new tour "See Tsukiji fish market and at sushiwith Ohma bluefin".
Click here for more information!
>>2013. 05. 25New Early Summer Special Tour
On a refreshing early summer day, we start a new special tour. Visit Tsukiji
Fish market and eat an original “Hana-sushi” lunch in season.
Click here for more information!

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